Yoo In Na Confesses She Can’t Get Married Because of IU

Yoo In Na plans to get married one day, but IU’s not so sure.

On a recent episode of JTBC’s 7.7 Billion Love, Yoo In Na spoke up about her opinion on marriage and revealed why she can’t get married because of her close friend, IU.




During a conversation about love, Yoo In Na confessed that she’s willing to get married if she finds the right person.

I intent on getting married if I find a good person.

– Yoo In Na


And regarding the recent trend of couples not having a wedding, Yoo In Na shared that she wants a wedding, but a very small one.

I don’t want no wedding at all. I want a small wedding where I can only invite my closest friends so we can all dance and have fun.

– Yoo In Na


But what surprised everyone was Yoo In Na’s confession that the reason why she can’t get married is because of IU.


She shared that whenever she talks to IU about marriage, IU changes were mind every time, making her uncertain as well.

When IU says let’s not get married, I agree with her and say we shouldn’t. But when time passes, she says we should get married. Then I tell her that we should.

– Yoo In Na

Following the revelation that IU can’t make up her mind and Yoo In Na feels swayed by this, fans are responding with comments such as “I understand how she feels“, “It’s cute that Yoo In Na just accepts all that“, and “Marriage should be thoughtful“.

The fact that the two stars continuously discuss their marriage plans just goes to show how close their friendship is.

Source: Insight and Insight