Yoo In Na Shares How You Can Tell A Man Likes A Woman In 3 Seconds

All it takes is three short seconds to tell if one is interested or not!

Actress Yoo In Na knows just the right clues you can pick up to tell if the guy on the date is interested.

Yoo In Na shared countless words of wisdom on the show Sun Da Bang, a reality TV program that hosts blind dates while the celebrity hosts serve their table.


Yoo In Na confidently suggested that the man on the date was interested in the woman within the first 3 seconds he saw her.

I promise you, the guy became interested in his date within the first three seconds he saw her.

— Yoo In Na

She claimed anyone can tell by the way the guy acted.

Usually, when you’re not interested in the person sitting across from you, you say hello and you sit down. It’s not different or noticeable

— Yoo In Na

But she noticed that the man kept his eyes on her for longer than 3 seconds from the first moment he saw her.

This is how he sat down at the table. He kept his eyes on her. That’s how I know he was immediately interested in getting to know her better.

— Yoo In Na

Co-host and comedian Yang Se Hyung agreed by demonstrating how he would greet Lee Juck during their first meeting…

That could be true. Say, if I walked in somewhere and found Lee Juck sitting at a table, I would say hi and sit down like this.

— Yang Se Hyung

… compared to how he would act around Yoo In Na.

If I saw that Yoo In Na was at the table, I’d look more like this.

— Yang Se Hyung

How true is Yoo In Na’s tip? Is eye contact the key to determining a date’s interest level?


Well, let’s just say this isn’t the first time the meet & greet stare has happened on the show.


Watch here, and see for yourself if the chemistry is real!

Source: Dispatch
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