Yoo Se Yoon Literally Lights up 44 Candles for His Wife’s 44th Birthday

His wife does NOT look pleased.

Yoo Se Yoon recently celebrated his wife’s 44th birthday, but he drew overwhelming attention with how he set up her cake.

The video he shared on his Instagram account shows his family singing happy birthday in front of a cheesecake, but the candles on it especially stood out.

Seeing from his caption which reads, “Happy birthday, Honey. 44 candles have more firepower than I expected, hehe“, it appears that Yoo Se Yoon literally put 44 candles on the cake for his wife’s 44th birthday.

What makes the video even funnier is his wife’s reaction.

Along with an unimpressed look on her face…

Her attempt at blowing out the candles took more effort than what is usually required.

Yoo Se Yoon met his wife at a club and dated for 7 years before tying the knot in 2009.

Source: Dispatch