Yoo Seung Ho Says He Was Very Upset When He Was Recently Called Fat

But he gained weight on purpose!

Star News recently held an interview with actor, Yoo Seung Ho, where he opened up about being called fat and how upset he felt as a result.

Yoo Seung Ho, who just finished his tvN drama, Memorist, shared an incident where he was criticized for his appearance.

He explained that he gained weight for his new role in Memorist on purpose.

I gained weight so that I could look stronger and more reliable for my role as as police officer.

– Yoo Seung Ho

But what the handsome actor didn’t expect was the insults that followed.

People asked me, ‘Why aren’t you taking care of yourself?’ and ‘You lost your jawline.’ This made me realize people saw my new look as me letting myself go rather than me having gained weight on purpose. This made me very upset.

– Yoo Seung Ho

Yoo Seung Ho confessed that he also noticed such differences when monitoring his scenes himself, but that he doesn’t regret what he did.

When I monitored myself, I noticed I lost my jawline compared to before and that I was a lot chubbier. But I thought it was important to suit the character more than just looking good.

– Yoo Seung Ho

He added that for that reason, his jawline will be making a comeback in his next project.

I plan to show off my sharp jawline in my next work.

– Yoo Seung Ho

Fans are showering Yoo Seung Ho with support with comments such as “Who dared to say such a thing to Yoo Seung Ho?“, “He’s still really handsome even with some meat on his bones“, and “He was making an effort for his role, so why would they leave mean comments like that?

Source: Insight