Yoo Shi Jin Vs. Vincenzo — Netizens Debate Which Song Joong Ki Character Would Win In A Fight

Ooh, this is a tough one.

An online community has fallen deep into a Song Joong Ki hole and naturally, a debate has sprung up between the actor’s two most famous roles.

Actor Song Joong Ki | tvN

The question of “who would win a fight between Yoo Shi Jin vs. Vincenzo” has been making its rounds online, creating fun banter between netizens that have begun duking it out between the two characters.

Song Joong Ki played Yoo Shi Jin in his first mega-hit drama, Descendants of the Sun. Yoo Shi Jin, who is an elite special forces soldier in the Korean army, is also the team leader of an even more elite 5-member Alpha team that is only deployed for the most extensive missions.

His skillset and impressive leadership abilities were proven throughout the drama, as he took down numerous villains with ease. Due to his military training and title as a special forces soldier, Yoo Shi Jin’s specialties are shooting and fighting.

Still from “Descendants of the Sun” | KBS

Song Joong Ki’s other hit character is Vincenzo from the tvN mega-hit series, Vincenzo. He is also a man capable of impressive fighting abilities, but on a different level. Vincenzo is a Korean who was adopted into an Italian family, making him a double threat. He was taken in by a mafia family, making him a lawyer by day and a mafia member by night.

Still from “Vincenzo” | tvN

While he may not have the special training as Yoo Shi Jin, some would say that his cold hearted mafia ways could be more threatening than that of a trained soldier. Vincenzo frequently gets his way by threatening others with their weaknesses or sometimes, even murder.

Due to the intensity and skillset of both characters, the debate of “who” quickly ignited online and to nobody’s surprise, the results were quite split.

Small collection of comments on online community | theqoo
  • “Yoo Shi Jin isn’t just a normal soldier you weirdos”
  • “Vincenzo”
  • “Vincenzo”
  • “This is f**king hard haha I think Vincenzo would though.”
  • “Yoo Shi Jin”
  • “They’re both pretty equal, this is hard. But I think Vincenzo is stronger, that and his name is Vincenzo.”
  • “I feel like Yoo Shi Jin would win since he’s a soldier…”
  • “Vincenzo…he doesn’t hesitate, he just kills.”
  • “Yoo Shi Jin”

Just from that small sample size alone, the results were pretty evenly split between the two characters. This friendly little debate gathered some hot attention, as it has garnered almost 500 comments on the original post. It also became quite a quirky topic, making headlines on numerous different media sites.

Yoo Shi Jin (left), Vincenzo (right) | KBS (left), tvN (right)

What do you all think? Are you team Yoo Shi Jin or team Vincenzo?

Source: theqoo