Yook Ji Dam Responds After Accusations That She Only Dated Him For A Month

She released another post.

Rapper Yook Ji Dam continues to defend her claims that she dated Wanna One’s Kang Daniel.


She has also added the reason behind why they only dated for a month.

“Kang Daniel and I were together for a month. It was obvious because I was blinded due to popularity.”


According to the female rapper, she and Daniel dated before he filmed for the second season of Produce 101.


She also added that Kasper was not lying in her own statement after claiming that Yook Ji Dam and Kang Daniel did date in the past.

(★BREAKING) Rapper Kasper Claims Yook Ji Dam And Kang Daniel Were In A Relationship


The controversy started after Yook Ji Dam posted multiple photos on her Instagram about a popular fanfiction blog. She claimed that the fanfic author must’ve been a sasaeng fan as it detailed moments of her relationship with Kang Daniel.


Kang Daniel’s agency stated that they will be strong acting on the rumors and false facts about their artists in response.

(★BREAKING) “Unpretty Rapstar” Rapper Yook Ji Dam Claims She Dated Kang Daniel


Since then, Yook Ji Dam has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital and diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


Source: Chosun