Two Korean Goddesses Wore The Same Dress…But The Vibes Are Completely Different

Who wore it best?

When two Korean celebrities donned the same stunning gown, both girls shocked netizens with their unbelievable visuals.

Actress Han So Hee wore the gorgeous dress to the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Netizens had only positive things to say about her immense, refined beauty.

Han So Hee was a legend that day

She really has a luxurious atmosphere ㅋㅋㅋ

Han So Hee is really classy…

— Netizens

She chose minimal accessories, letting the dress speak for itself.

Her look is classic and glamorous!

However, Yoona of Girls’ Generation put her own spin on the dress — Literally!

She chose the look for a photoshoot and was just as stunning in her own way.

She softened up the look with playful expressions…

…and soft vibes, similar to a ballerina.

Netizens couldn’t help but marvel at her angelic beauty.

Yoona playing? Freaking pretty..

Yoona is so cute

Wow Yoona…

— Netizens

In the end, it’s impossible to pick who wore it best. Both girls are visual queens in the timeless look.

Both are pretty fairies

Neither can be touched

Both are goddesses…

— Netizens

The dress itself is also stunning on its own, as showcased by the model below.

Source: TheQoo

Same Fit, Different Vibes