You’ll Never Guess How Old The “Crash Landing On You” Actor Kim Young Min Actually Is

“Um? That makes no sense.”

As successful as the K-Drama Crash Landing On You has become, viewers are learning more about the stellar line up of supporting actors that make the series even more fun to watch.

And among the most interesting facts they have found out about the cast of Crash Landing On You, actor Kim Young Min‘s age has everyone particularly shocked!

Playing the role of a North Korean wiretapper Jung Man Bok, Kim Young Min has well received a lot of attention from the viewers for his dashing looks…

… which is all the more reason they had no idea that he is 50 years old, born 1971! In a previous Radio Star appearance from 2018, Kim Young Min revealed that he and actor Ma Dong Seok are actually friends — and the two have actually appeared in the movie One on One together before…

… but that he had been called “rude” for speaking casually to his friend!

On set, I’d call out to Dong Seok, like ‘Dongseok-ah!’ and people who don’t know how old I am would be like, ‘Why is he being so casual with Ma Dong Seok? How rude!’ Haha.

— Kim Young Min

Back then, Radio Star hosts couldn’t believe that Kim Young Min is only a year younger than their own Kim Gu Ra

… and now the viewers demand to know how he keeps himself looking 30!

Watch the highlights of his past roles here: