Here’s How Young Americans Feel About BLACKPINK

“I wish American pop could be this happy and make you feel this good.”

BLACKPINK has been taking over, dominating music charts and absolutely slaying old and new fans around the world with their music.


The group has particularly caught the attention of American college students who seem to love them!


A group of students were shown the group’s latest “DDU-DU DDU-DU” music video as well as a montage of some of their other songs.


As soon as the first video started they all fell in love and the more of their music they heard the more they were digging them!


What really appealed to the students was how lit BLACKPINK’s songs were. They said they could easily imagine how awesome the music would make a party!


The students were also blown away by the group’s ability to destroy female stereotypes and portray a total badass vibe.


At the same time, they loved how the girls can also go for a softer concept and still completely crush it!


The college kids were also highly impressed by BLACKPINK’s ability to interwine English and Korean together so smoothly.


BLACKPINK made such an impression that it left one person wishing that American pop music had the same feeling.


But really they just couldn’t get over how talented the girls are!


And really who could blame them?


Check out all of the students’ reactions and get ready to agree with everything they have to say below!