A Young Filipino Girl’s Dream Finally Comes True When She Meets iKON’s Bobby

She got a special birthday gift from him in March, and now she’s met him in person—lucky!

This young Filipina fan initially got iKONICs talking after receiving a personal message from iKON’s Bobby!


With iKON currently in the Philippines for their concert tour, Scarlett Kramer finally got the chance to met her favourite idol.


Her mother, Chesca Kramer, a celebrity in the Philippines, posted this cute encounter between Bobby, Scarlett and her sibling, Kendra. They were thrilled for making her birthday wish come true!


It all started after her father, Doug Kramer, posted her birthday request to Bobby, which was later on granted with a video message followed by numerous SNS interactions.

Filipina Fan Receives Special Gift From iKON’s Bobby


Scarlett, herself, seems to have a soft spot for the particular member and iKON after videos of her jamming along to “Love Scenario” circulated online.


What a dream come true for the young fan!