Bringing Back GOT7 Youngjae’s Little Tour Around Toronto Because We Can – Check Out His Adorable Interactions With Fans

Protect at all costs!

GOT7‘s Youngjae once took the most adorable tour of Toronto, Canada. Fans were thrilled to watch his journey on GOT7’s Hard Carry! They got to see the cutie speak flawless English and interact with lucky fans that ran into him on the streets. Relive some adorable moments from the episode below.

1. Good morning to Youngjae only

Non-Youngjaes, step it up. Look how cute he looks waking up!

2. His first interaction

His first on-camera interaction did not come from a fan, but a sweet passer-by.

3. A mommy-sae

Instead of Ahgases (baby bird) he ran into a mommy-sae! The older fan gushed over Youngjae…

…but also cheered Yugyeom on. Big mood.

4. A Chinese fan

Youngjae’s going international! He ran into a Chinese fan.

5. Hotdogs

He ran into a Korean fan at a hotdog stand. Of all the coincidences! She even cut off her friend who was on a call with her to snap a quick selfie.

6. Barista-friendly

He was also recognized in the local Starbucks, by both a fan and a barista.

7. Finale

He ended off his lovely trip with some sightseeing on a tour bus. Fans made sure to wish him well and take cute pictures of him from below.

What would you do if you ran into Youngjae on the streets? Would you be able to keep it cool like these fans? Check out the full episode below.