Fans Are Sobbing Now Knowing That Young K Was Watching DAY6’s Live Broadcast

Get you a friend like Young K. πŸ₯Ί

DAY6 held a live broadcast today to catch up with fans and talk a little bit about their upcoming album. Unfortunately, Young K couldn’t be present since he is the current DJ of Kiss the Radio.

In the video broadcast of the radio show, it was revealed that during commercial breaks or anytime when Young K was not busy, he would be looking down at his phone. Some suspected that he was watching his members’ live broadcast too.

The theory was confirmed when, as DAY6’s live broadcast was ending, Young K waved “goodbye” at the same time as them.Β πŸ₯Ί

As if we weren’t emotional already from all the spoilers throughout DAY6’s live broadcast, this has got us seriously in our feels. 😭We can’t wait for all the members to be reunited soon.

Source: DAY6 and @jaehyungiee_