Younha Once Shut Down A “Troll” Trying To “School” Her On Instagram With Just Four Words

It remains a prime example of “trolls” trying to pick on celebrities “because they can.”

When Younha updated her Instagram with a picture of a headstone belonging to the Air Force Colonel Kim Joo Ho, thanking him for his service…

Younha | @younha_holic/Instagram

… one Korean left a condescending comment, trying to “school” the soloist about the concept of “violation of privacy.”

The late Colonel Kim Joo Ho’s headstone. | @younha_holic/Instagram

The commenter insisted that if Younha didn’t personally know the person to whom the headstone belonged, she could be doing damage by disclosing personal information without permission—and demanded that she deletes the post.

| @younha_holic/Instagram

Younha: Thank you for your service. I’ll be sure to flourish in all of it and protect all of it, too.

Commenter: Is the person whose headstone you’ve photographed is not related to you by blood? Because photographing a stranger’s headstone is, possibly, defamation. You also risk disclosing personal information. This can lead to a violation of privacy. Please define your relationship with this person. Or, if this headstone belongs to someone unrelated to you and you photographed it for entertainment, please delete this.

Upon reading the comment, online communities agreed that, while “polite on the surface,” the comment was obviously “passive-aggressive” and “snarky.”

| humoruniv

  • “If you know, you know. That comment does not read like a genuine concern to me. I’m not kidding. It’s obviously from a troll who’s looking for trouble, ready to back out if sh*t goes south.”
  • “Just a passive aggressive troll pretending to be a logical human being.”
  • “I used to go around trolling like this… I can confirm that comment is trying to initiate drama.”
  • “I mean, if the concern had been genuine, it would’ve ended up in her DMs.”

Back when the know-it-all comment had been made, Younha came across it as well—and she knew exactly how to shut it down in four words:

| @younha_holic/Instagram

He is my grandfather.

— Younha

The 2018 post has since been deleted—as with most of her older posts—but to this day, the interaction between Younha and the commenter remains a prime example of “trolls” trying to pick on celebrities “because they can.”

| theqoo

  • “Why would anyone photograph a stranger’s headstone in a national cemetary to upload on social media? Not everyone is an attention wh*re like you.”
  • “Ugh… There are so many trolls like this all over YouTube comments, too. They go around picking on celebrities because they can.”
  • “The comment is literally so stupid, I’m cringing into the next dimension. What a useless life to be living.”
  • “This is so cool. Younha must be proud.”
  • “What is it with people who can’t go on about their days without b*tching about something?”
  • “We all know that if this person was actually worried about any backlash that Younha might get, they would have DMed her about it. Some people love to pick fights for no reason. I hate people like this.”
  • “Had the concern been genuine, they would’ve messaged her privately about it. That is obviously an attempt to call her out. What did Younha do to deserve such a snark?”

Previously, on a television program called Screening Humanity, Younha introduced her grandfather as “the inspiration that keeps [her] going while pursuing her dream overseas in Japan.”

When I was young, my grandpa took me to the air force base. He showed me the airplanes and told me, ‘There is no use in being smart and talented.’ He told me, ‘What’s more important is that you survive until the very end.’ That has become an inspiration that keeps me going, especially while pursuing my dream overseas in Japan.

— Younha

The late Colonel Kim Joo Ho became eligible for a burial at the Daejeon National Cemetery for his contributions in 1971, taking down a North Korean vessel.

The Daejeon National Cemetery

Daejeon National Cemetery was established to commemorate…those who sacrificed and contributed for the country and society. It is a holy place for veterans, where the heroic spirits of the country are resting.

— Lee Nam Il, Chief Director of DNC

Source: SBS and theqoo

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