YouTube Disables Park Bo Young’s Comment Section for Looking Like an Underage Girl

Park Bo Young is 31 years old though…

Actress Park Bo Young recently shared a vlog with fans on her YouTube channel where her comment section got blocked for a shocking reason.

In the vlog, Park Bo Young talked about having caught a cold, shared a story about planting lettuce in the countryside, and expressed her happiness of having received a fan letter from a male fan.

But what fans noticed was the fact that the comment section was disabled.

And the reason was unexpected, to say the least.

In the comment section, Park Bo Young shared the reason behind why the use of the comment section was restricted for the video.

YouTube recognized my video as a children’s video and disabled the comment section. I apologize for the inconvenience.

– Park Bo Young

Starting last January, YouTube enforced restrictions for channels run by children in order to protect their personal information such as halting personalized advertisements and restricting some functions such as the comment section.

But what fans are surprised about is the fact that Park Bo Young is 31 years old.

It appears that she looks so young for her age that YouTube recognized her channel as a children’s channel!

Fans are responding with comments such as “Even YouTube agrees that she looks really young“, “How can someone be so pretty and cute?“, and “Bo Young is legendary“.

Click here to check out Park Bo Young’s full vlog.

Source: Dispatch