Former Idol Trainee Explains How He Became Friends With BTS’s Jimin And V

Friend of Jimin and V reveal how they became friends.

Former idol trainee and current YouTuber Nihoo held a Q&A on his channel and answered questions people had about him. In particular, he received many questions about how he became friends with BTS’s Jimin and V. Let’s find out how they all became good friends.




Q: How did you get close with Jimin and Taehyung?

A: We met for the first time in high school in Seoul. I met Jimin during my second year of high school. Taehyung was not in the same class so I’m not exactly sure when he came. When I first came up to Seoul to go to school, there was a friend that took care of me and it allowed me to have a good experience at school. Remembering this, I decided to approach Jimin first and make him feel welcome. He was also from the same hometown as me and so I wanted to help him out. I didn’t know he was an idol trainee in the beginning. I just thought I should help him out because we were from the same hometown. We became close because our personalities were very similar. As I became close to Jimin, I also became close with Taehyung, as they were all trainees. Taehyung was a really active person, he could never stay still. But because they were idol trainees, I couldn’t hang out with them much after school. We just had a lot of fun during school hours.



Q: First impressions of Jimin and Taehyung?

A: Back then, Jimin had a lot of fat on his cheeks, making him look really cute like a baby face? I feel like when I first saw him it was like his current face now but a more baby version? He was much cuter. I’m not that cute. At first, I thought he was a quiet person, but he turned out to be an active friend. Jimin had a nice personality and he was able to adjust quickly to school. Other friends in school all liked Jimin as well. I thought Jimin wouldn’t be that good at exercise, but I later found out that his face was just baby-like. His body was really toned and nice and was really good at exercise. When I first met Taehyung, I just thought he was really handsome. I don’t know if everyone saw his picture from the past, but he was handsome from the beginning. Usually good-looking kids are quiet and reserved, but Taehyung was good-looking and really active and had a fun personality with a wild imagination. Although they were both trainees, they were both really good friends who didn’t ignore others.




Q: Did the three of you ever practice together?

A: Taehyung was in another class so we never practiced together much, but we did practice together after school or during lunch time.



Q: What do you usually talk about when you meet?

A: They are really busy now so it is hard to meet up. I see them only once in a while. The last time I saw them was probably around January of this year. When we meet, we usually just talk about the old times and our daily lives. This time I told them I was doing YouTube and we watched my videos together. We always ask each other whether or not we are going through a hard time and try to cheer each other on. But I feel that they receive more support and strength because of ARMYs than from me. I also don’t take pictures with them even though Jimin says it’s okay. I don’t want them to worry about whether or not I might post photos online. I even erased old pictures because I don’t want them to have to worry. I’ve seen other friends post photos of them without permission but I don’t think that’s right and Jimin would not have liked it either. If you think about it, they are now truly world-class artists that have to be cautious about every little thing. I feel like true friends should be able to understand and try and not to worry them with these little things.





It’s great to see their close friendship even after becoming world-class artists!