A YouTuber Randomly Met Jungkook In An Alley… All Because He Needed To Pee!

YAN had no idea that his night was about to take a very unusual turn.

One lucky man now has his bladder to thank for a chance encounter with BTS‘s Jungkook.

One Korean YouTuber by the name of YAN posted these photos on Instagram (@yan.youtube), promising to reveal the story behind them soon.

True to his word, YAN uploaded his video the next day. On the night he met Jungkook, YAN was out drinking and reminiscing with old friends.

Little did YAN know that this ordinary gathering was about to take a surprising turn. After drinking his fill, YAN went off in search of a restroom to empty his bladder. Unfortunately, the place he and his friends were at didn’t have a restroom, so he had to go out and search for one.

After he finally found a restroom, YAN made his way back to friends by walking through an alley. Suddenly, a stranger in a bucket hat approached YAN to say hello. As a YouTuber, YAN gets recognized by fans in public, but he had no idea that this “fan” has millions of his own!

At first, YAN mistook Jungkook for a student.

The combination of Jungkook’s hat, which was pulled low, and the alley’s darkness made it difficult for YAN to recognize the star.

At one point during their small talk, Jungkook mentioned BTS, but YAN didn’t quite hear it. “He talked very respectfully with a gentle voice,” YAN recalled, “I didn’t hear exactly, but I caught the word BTS.” Even once Jungkook’s words registered, YAN couldn’t believe it. Meeting BTS on the street? It doesn’t happen!

Even after Jungkook kindly agreed to take photos together, and they’d said their goodbyes, YAN didn’t really believe what had just happened. Neither did his friends!

It was only after YAN saw the photos on his phone the next morning that the reality sank in. He really did meet Jungkook, and it’s all because he needed to pee!

Listen to YAN’s full story here: