YouTuber Risabae Becomes IU’s Doppleganger With Her “Hotel Del Luna” Make-Up

Keep your eyes wide open, because they look exactly the same.

Korean beauty YouTuber Risabae has long been blowing her viewers’ minds with make-up skills that transformed her into countless Korean celebrities. But her latest work, posted on her Instagram, of her copying IU‘s Hotel Del Luna character Jang Man Wol is her best yet – and viewers can’t believe what they’re seeing!


Here’s the real IU as Jang Man Wol…


… and here’s Risabae transformed into IU with her amazing make-up skills!

Translation: “Is this what you guys wanted to see?”


Fans can’t believe the uncanny resemblance. Risabae has often been compared to K-Pop artists like Sunmi and IU, but she really took it to the next level with this Jang Man Wol look!

Translation: “Thank you for watching my cover make-up! It was hard to pull off Jang Man Wol, but I tried my best. Hehe. The full video is coming in two weeks!”


Risabae’s followers are now looking forward to watching the full clip, covering her transformation into IU! Here is Risabae’s previous make-up tutorial video covering Sunmi that wowed followers just as much: