Second-Generation Idol Yubin Reveals Thoughts On Public Relationships And Marriage

Some wise words right there.

Yubin stepped out for her first pictorial and interview since the establishment of her own company after leaving JYP Entertainment. With THE STAR magazine, Yubin took on the concept of ‘Super Woman’, presenting her girl-crush side to fans.

An apt theme for her as a CEO, she showed off her charisma in outfits befitting a career woman. As she has just wrapped up promotions for her single, “yaya”, she shared that she was glad to have been able to show fans her unique vibe. Yubin declared that she had the confidence in being a CEO, given that she experienced many more things already as compared to her young age. Her goal would be a company that cares for the workers and artists, as well as for people to receive positive energy through the works released by the company.

Her love for Wonder Girls remains as strong as ever – fans can rest assured as the members are still as close as ever. Yubin revealed that she does miss the members, especially in the odd moments such as when she orders her drink at the coffee shop and is unable to decide on a menu item.

She also shared her take on public relationships and marriage, a hot topic in the industry lately with a flurry of announcements streaming in. Yubin thinks it isn’t a bad idea to have a public relationship, although she does admit that when you break up, it will remain with you, so unless one is thinking of going til marriage like her fellow member Hyelim, she does not advise going public.

Those seem like sound words to us! Public relationships can be especially tricky, if one is famous. Congratulations once again to Yubin for striking out on her own!

Source: Sports Donga