Yulhee Opens up About Her Struggles With Dieting as a Former LABOUM Member

She didn’t abide by the dieting rules.

Former LABOUM member, Yulhee recently appeared on MBC’s Radio Star where she dished about her recent pregnancy as well as her past struggles with dieting as a girl group member.

Yulhee recently gave birth to twins with her husband, F.T. Island‘s Choi Min Hwan serving in the military.

Regarding the rumors that she’s single parenting her first child as well as her newborn twins, Yulhee clarified that she’s doing just fine.

I’m receiving help from many people including my husband. And I think I’m well-suited to care for babies.

– Yulhee

But what gained the attention of many was her confession that she struggled with dieting when she used to be with LABOUM.

She revealed that she felt so pressured by her diet that she rebelled late at night.

I couldn’t handle my diet, and ended up sneaking out at night to go to the convenience store and bought all the snacks.

– Yulhee

But that came with its own struggles.

Yulhee added that as a result of her shopping sprees, she had a hard time keeping all her snacks hidden.

I had a hard time hiding the snacks in different places and eating them in secret.

– Yulhee

She might’ve had a hard time keeping up with dieting, but Yulhee was known as the killer dancer of the group during her time with LABOUM!

Here’s hoping she won’t have to worry about dieting anymore!