Yuna’s Sister Is So Beautiful Fans Thought She Was AOA’s New 7th Member

She really has the visuals to be a member of AOA.

This photo had fans doing a double-take as Yuna‘s sister looked like she could be the newest member of AOA!

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She had fans marvelling at how well she fit in with the other members with her similar outfit and stunning looks.

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  • “Who is that girl and why does she look like part of the group?”
  • You look like one of the members!” 
  • “Which one is Yuna? You look so alike!” 
  • “Even her outfit matches… she suits [the members] well.”


Yuna and Seoyul are well-known for being each other’s biggest fans.

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And some fans were shocked to find out that she’s also an idol! She’s a member of the girl group Berry Good.


Many (including the sisters themselves) are hoping to see an official collaboration between Seoyul and Yuna soon!

For now, enjoy this karaoke duet the sisters did on Instagram live.