Yunho Encouraged This Skater When He Was 11… And Now He’s An Olympian

The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics figure skater, Cha Jun Hwan, is getting a lot of attention for his brief encounter with TVXQ’s Yunho.

The young figure skater finished 15th on the men’s short program last Friday and was able to qualify for the free program. He was the first Korean athlete to do so in the that category for over 20 years.

A younger version of himself, however, listening to Yunho’s advice resurfaced.

The clip was from an episode of Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry where they were both contestants. Unfortunately, Cha Jun Hwan was dropped from that episode leading to tears and disappointment.

… But Yunho gave Jun Hwan words of encouragement that are especially fitting now and have surely stuck with him to this day

“Jun Hwan, why are you crying? This is not the goal here. The world is your goal.” – Yunho

True to his word, Cha Jun Hwan went on to train for an Olympic performance and is showing the world the best of his capabilities.

Watch the video that has resurfaced below:

Source: YTN and Chosun

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