Who’s The Celebrity? Fans Can’t Stop Talking About ZEROBASEONE’s Ricky And His Stylish Mom And Aunts

That’s one gorgeous family.

ZEROBASEONE is a group made up of the winning members of Mnet‘s survival program BOYS PLANET. Ricky from Yuehua Entertainment is one of them, having made it to fourth place out of 93 contestants.


The final episode aired on April 20 and it was here when an unexpected hot topic popped up online. The photos that Ricky took with his mom…

…and with his aunts went viral.

The 2004-liner from Shanghai, China, was confirmed to be part of a gorgeous family! Netizens took to Twitter to express their amazement at the quartet, calling them “pretty” and “cool” and even saying they’re the “main slayers.”

It was also no wonder Ricky grew to be so tall! The women in his family reach over his shoulders, and he stands at 184cm (6’0″).

It was the stylishness of the mom and aunts of Ricky that further caught everyone’s attention. Wearing flared pants, double breasted blazers, and fancy blouses, they were young, hip, and trendy!

Fans added that it was no surprise why Ricky’s pre-debut photos showed him to be already handsome and well-dressed.

It runs in the genes!


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