Where Are They Now? The Producer That Publicly Dated His 12-Year-Old Idol

She was 8 years old when they first met; he was 24.

While age gaps in older couples are not something out of the ordinary, a large difference in age between people who are younger can often turn heads when both are of age.

An announced relationship between a “couple” with an age gap of twelve years once left many online disgusted due to the pair’s ages — 12 and 24.

Chinese musician Zhang Muyi first met Canada-Japanese model Miki Akama when she was 8 years old after being hired to be her music coach. After years of working together, the pair shocked the world by announcing that they were “in love” and dating, despite Miki only being 12 at the time.

Zhang Muyi (left) and Miki Akama (right).

Many debated the legality of the “relationship” and accused Muyi of grooming the young woman. In spite of this, the two continued to profess their love publicly, with Zhang proclaiming that he couldn’t wait for her next four birthdays to pass so they could get married.

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The two also released music together as the unit Mi2, including a song titled “Brave Love.” The pair starred in the music video themselves, depicting their relationship.

Updates have been sparse from the couple since they were active in posting about their earlier relationship. In 2018, the pair reportedly got married but only one update from that time exists, a photo from Zhang’s Weibo account of Miki in a wedding dress.

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| Weibo

After the reported wedding, their Weibo accounts shared photos of the pair in 2019, confirming they were still together at that point. Miki also had her own studio for her work in China set up in 2018 and has shared some photos of the star for a fashion week event in 2020.

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The latest update that can be found is on an X account, reportedly belonging to Miki, who tweeted once in 2022 that she forgot the password to her account.

The couple, if still together, would be 36 and 23 respectively. As of writing, neither have updated their Weibo accounts for at least two years.

Where Are They Now?