A Chilling “Zombie Video” of a Middle School Student Goes Viral in Online Communities

“That’s a literal a zombie in broad daylight.” – Netizen

A chilling video of a “zombie incident” has taken over online communities.


Just a few days back, one online community shared a video of a drunk middle school student running toward a racing car.

It’s been revealed that the middle school student in the video was heavily intoxicated.


The driver of the car was so frightened by the way she charged toward them that they were unable to get out of the car.

According to witnesses, the middle school student screamed so loudly that neighbors came out to see what’s going on.

The student’s parents eventually came out to bring her back home, but the driver claimed that the ring she was wearing scratched their car.

Although the driver asked for compensation of 50,000 won (~$42 USD) for repairs, there was no answer, which led them to report the incident to the police.

Ultimately, the driver was so confused by the incident that they shared the video on the internet and asked what netizens thought.


Netizens are responding to the video referred to as the “zombie incident” with comments such as “That’s actually so ridiculous“, “That’s a literal a zombie in broad daylight”, and “How did her parents raise her?

Source: Dispatch