[★ VIDEO] Red Velvet appears on the latest MBC “Weekly Idol” episode

The four member girl group of Red Velvet appeared on the October 15th episode of MBC “Weekly Idol” where they showcased their charm and won over the MC with their sense of humor.

Despite all the chaos going on in SM Entertainment, the company’s newest girl group is still promoting. The girls were able to win over the hearts of hosts Jung Hyung Don and Defconn with their charm and good sense of humor. From animal impersonations to giving a short performance of their hit “Happiness”, the girls did it all.

The girls not only displayed their individual talents (which ranged from Justin Timberlake dance covers to a flute rendition of “Under the Sea”), but they also showed very strong team chemistry. If you haven’t checked out Red Velvet yet, “Weekly Idol” will definitely give you a good taste of the group. Be sure to check out the episode below!


Red Velvet is currently promoting for their new track “Be Natural, and also recently performed at the SBS “Hallyu Dream Festival Concert”.

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