[★TRENDING] Apink’s Namjoo fulfills fan service mission with a leg spread pose

In an attempt to fulfill many missions given to them by fans in a recent live broadcast, Apink member Namjoo was arbitrarily chosen to do a pose.

Airing their first monthly event for their fan club titled Pink Lotto Show! on August 27th through Naver’s V App, only members Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Namjoo, and Hayoung were able to appear.

To fulfill as much fan service as they could, they created a unique lottery system. One mission asked the members to do a “hip-hop pose + heart pose” at the same time with Namjoo chosen through the lottery.

And so, Namjoo used her legs to fulfill the heart pose requirement, spreading her legs to create the shape while using her hands to give the feel of hip-hop, causing the other members and herself both to crack up at the oddness.

Eunji then says, “Don’t do this. We are Apink. We shouldn’t do leg spread poses,” as she continues to laugh and goes around the table to chase off Namjoo.

Pink Lotto Show! attracted 7,000 unique visitors and viewers.



Source: TV Report