April returns as lovely girl scouts for “Boing Boing” comeback single

Rookie girl group April has begun to tease for their upcoming return to the music scene, dropping a video and jacket album teaser for their single Boing Boing.

Published on November 16th and 17th respectively, the DSP Media girl group is ready to take on promotions for the first time as a five member group.

For their single Boing Boing, April undergoes a logo change with the previous logo seemingly discarded. The group’s debut logo had been designed by a fan prior to their official debut through a DSP Media contest.

In the jacket image published just recently (featured image), the girls take on a girl scout concept, holding hands and hugging one another to show their unity and strength despite the loss of their leader Somin, who recently withdrew from the group.

Meanwhile, with their music video having recently been completed, April will be releasing their new single on November 25th.