BoA reveals her cooking talents and sleeping habits on tvN’s “Three Meals A Day”

On the June 19th episode of tvN‘s Three Meals A Day, BoA appeared as the special guest of the day, showing another side from her superstar image on stage performances.

It has been 16 years since BoA made her Korean debut, and it was the first time she revealed her cooking skills and sleeping habits on a variety show.

In the episode, actor Lee Seo Jin and 2PM‘s Taecyeon were minding their usual chores when BoA appeared, surprising them both. As they started cooking for the first meal, BoA stepped away from her superstar image, transforming into a neighborhood girl and getting along with the usual cast harmoniously and became one of the “countryside siblings.”

When asked if she is good as cooking, BoA revealed that she can cook as long as there is a recipe. Hence, she took the challenge to make Korean doenjang soup and revealed her hidden cooking talents while being praised.

As BoA commented on Taecyeon’s cooking skills, he replied humorously, “It is just the power of editing.”

They further brought laughs as BoA, despite eight years ahead of debut, is only two years older than Taecyeon when she asked if there are seniors about her age. As he answered “Super Junior hyungs,” she laughingly said, “Those oppas are even older than me.”

The episode also included them chatting while drinking honey lemonade in a relaxed manner, taking care of the rice harvest, and minded honeycombs as well as fulfilling other chores.

Three Meals A Day is a variety show where the hosts go to the countryside to live a self-sustaining and organic life. It is aired on tvN every Friday at 9:45pm KST.

It was also recently revealed that actress Kim Ha Neul had a recording of Three Meals a Day as the fifth guest on June 22nd, and the episode will be aired in July.

Source: OSEN and Star News