BTL shows off their defined abs and strong dance moves in “Gold Moon” teaser

In preparation for their comeback, male group BTL released an additional image teaser along with their first video teaser for the track “Gold Moon.”

Released on their official Twitter account, the eight members of the group appear very distinguished, each taking on different poses to show off their individual charms. Known for their “Shocking the Limit” web series, the Kiroy Company group made their debut last year with “Too-G.”

Additionally on June 19th, BTL released a near minute long video teaser for their track “Gold Moon,” bearing their abs while dancing in the shadows bare footed. Showcasing their strong and synchronized dance, the group reveal that they will be coming back as strong as ever.

With such a mysterious teaser with very little information on the details regarding their comeback, fans will definitely be anticipating further teasers before the group’s upcoming release.

Make sure to check out the first group photo teaser for BTL below!