BTOB holds fan meet on 1theK’s “Club 99”

Recently releasing their album “Move” with their title song “You’re So Fly,” BTOB held a fan meet for 99 of their hottest fans in Club 99.

On Oct. 21st, BTOB was featured in 1theK’s Club 99 fan meet program, where 99 lucky Melodies were able to experience the true “Born to Beat” experience!

In the beginning, BTOB introduced various songs in their album, adding their cute annotations and stories behind each song. Here, the members pointed out the quirky habits each member had while recording. This included Eunkwang spreading his legs while hitting his high notes and Hyungsik making hand gestures while singing.

Afterwards, they selected fans’ questions, and high touched with all 99 of them!

Source: 1theK

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