[★VIDEO] BTOB members show their fanboy sides towards BIGBANG

BTOB‘s PenielMinhyuk, and Eunkwang filmed themselves as they were grooving to BIGBANG‘s latest title tracks “BANG BANG BANG” and “We Like 2 Party.”

The members showcased their love for BIGBANG through recent posts on Peniel’s official Instagram account. In the hot Summer weather, Minhyuk, wearing a black shirt, made it even hotter as he started rapping to “BANG BANG BANG” and also showed his passionate vocals for his own cover version of “We Like 2 Party.”

Main vocal Eunkwang, who even attempted a harmonization in “We Like 2 Party,” showed his dorkiness as he took off his shoes and aimed his foot as a gun towards Peniel’s phone.

The three members were traveling in the same van, as Peniel revealed that it was another day of heading to the recording studio since BTOB is preparing for their upcoming late June comeback.

Check out their videos below!