[★VIDEO] BTS proven to be EXID and Red Velvet fanboys in flashy dance covers

In episode 24 of Mnet‘s Yaman TV, BTS‘ J-Hope has shown his dance moves to hit girl group tracks, causing quite an uproar in the studio as well as among fans!

BTS appeared once again as guests on June 29th’s broadcast of the show, and to earn points for his team, J-Hope decided to do a girl group dance cover for Red Velvet‘s “Ice Cream Cake,” EXID‘s “Ah Yeah,” and a little bit to SISTAR‘s “Touch My Body.”

In particular, he was praised for his apt face expressions, which complemented well with his exaggerated ad-lib dance moves. Not forgetting to lipsync to the lyrics, J-Hope seemed to have listened and practiced a lot to those songs. Members Jungkook and Rap Monster even joined in the fun by dancing along as well.

Coincidentally, EXID also revealed themselves to be fangirls of BTS, as they were singing along and doing body waves to “I NEED U” in their Showtime preview.

During the previous episode, BTS also revealed group and individual names that they almost debuted with, along with the meanings of their current names.