[★TRENDING] Girl’s Day under fire for alleged rude actions on Afreeca TV

Girl’s Day is under fire for their alleged rudeness towards popular Afreeca TV host ‘Choi Koon‘.

The controversy started with their appearance on ‘Koon TV‘ a popular Afreeca TV channel hosted by Choi Koon, a comedian.

Girl’s Day were allegedly rude towards Choi Koon and acted very distracted which infuriated viewers.

A small argument also sparked between Choi Koon and Sojin when Choi Koon placed dumplings on the table and Sojin removed them from the table and placed them under the table.

Hyeri also surprised viewers when viewers commented that the show was getting boring and she responded, “You guys are less funny.”

[+ 516, – 27] I felt so bad for Choi Koon nim. He was constantly advertising Girl’s Day and they kept saying they were bored, they were tired from schedules. Don’t come on a show if you’re tired, don’t make appearances. You think everything is fine just because you upload pictures? As a Choi Koon fan I was a bit angered.

[+ 446, – 22] Now I’m only going to be able to think of dumplings when they say Sojin. It wasn’t only one or two things that were wrong. They didn’t even pay attention when Choi Koon talked and just kept eating and kept speaking informally.

[+ 393, – 20] Talk? don’t make me laugh they just came to eat ㅋ

Watch the video below, do you think their actions deserve such criticism?

Girl's Day CHOI KOON TV from nadine chung on Vimeo.

Source: Daily Finance