Go Ara and IU reveal their hair-grabbing rivalry on KBS2 drama “Producer”

Go Ara made a cameo appearance on the most recent episode of the popular variety-drama Producer and played a very convincing role as IU character’s rival.

Aired on June 6th, Go Ara seemingly plays the role of Cindy’s (IU) best friend as the two were all smiles in front of the 1 Night 2 Days cameras.


Baek Seung Chan, a rookie PD played by Kim Soo Hyun, reveals to Cindy that “One of your best friends will arrive soon,” causing Cindy to question, “A best friend? You’re talking about a close friend of mine right? Who is my best friend that’s coming today?”

The rookie PD answers, “We can’t tell you that,” and it is later revealed the best friend is Go Ara. However, flashbacks reveal there is more to their friendship than it seems. Going back to the past, Cindy and Go Ara are holding each other tightly by the hair, revealing an intense rivalry between the two.

Back to the present, Cindy and Go Ara continue to play the close friend role and the latter reveals, “I know a lot of people think that we’re rivals. That’s ridiculous.” 

As the recording was temporarily halted to change the tape, it is revealed by Go Ara that she had no choice but to come, saying, “Your CEO spoke to my CEO. She asked me to go because you don’t have any friends. You and I fought like cats and dogs for three hours. Anyways, that’s why the shampoo commercial isn’t coming in because of that,” to which Cindy replies that she had gotten the mentioned shampoo commercial instead of Go Ara.