“We Got Married” releases trailer featuring new couples

In anticipation for the arrival of the new couplesMBC’s We Got Married 4 released a cute trailer for the 132nd episode of the season.

Despite the sadness of having to see the Nam Goong Min-Hong Jin Young and Hong Jonghyun-Yura couples leave the show in the previous episode, the adorable trailer featuring the arrival of the new couples will definitely help mend the broken hearts of fans.

The trailer starts off by introducing the two new couples, Henry Lau-Kim Yewon and Lee Jonghyun-Gong Seungyeon, who instantly melt the hearts of fans with their awkward yet adorable first moments as a couple. As the new couples familiarize each other with their respective partner’s personalities (and smells!), fans will not be able to stop themselves from smiling. In addition to spending time with their new significant others, the new members of We Got Married also appeared to spend time with the other cast members in their first episode on the show.

In addition to the new couples, the trailer also reminded fans that the show will still feature the Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun couple, show off their singing and dancing abilities as they have fun in matching pajamas.

Don’t forget to check out the first episode featuring the new couples, which will air on March 14th. For now, you can check out the cute trailer for the episode below!