The HARSH reality of most girl groups REVEALED on camera

On the eighth episode of JTBC’s Mom Is Watching, the story of Ari from TAHITI and her mother, a veteran actress of 24 years with very little career, was introduced.

Ari’s group TAHITI debuted at the same time as AOA and EXID. While their peers became top stars, they made very little progress. As a lesser-known girl group, their reality was harsher than most imagined. Their makeup, hair, and stage outfits had to all be taken care of amongst themselves.

To keep their diets, the five members had to share two servings of congee among themselves.

Netizens shared their sympathetic messages in response to the episode:

[+ 7515, – 99] So this is the reality of nobodies…the young girl seems too mature for her age and she works so hard…. it’s almost sad..

[+ 6792, – 81] If this is real and not just a concept for TV her mother’s heart must be breaking

[+ 6451, – 87] As a teen I’ve heard of the name TAHITI but I don’t know any of their songs…I wonder if they get any support from their company. I thought even no name groups made some money doing event performances and stuff…

Source: OSEN