Hollywood Actor Liam Neeson Attempts TWICE’s “Shy Shy Shy” Aegyo During Korean TV Interview

With rookie girl group TWICE‘s “Shy Shy Shy” aegyo becoming one of the top trends in Korea this summer, even top Hollywood actor Liam Neeson can’t escape the viral sensation. In a recent interview for the promotion of his upcoming Korean film Operation Chromite, Liam Neeson showed off his aegyo by performing the infamous “Shy Shy Shy” three times line at the request of his interviewer, Wonder Girls member Hyelim. At the end of the interview, Hyelim also thanked Liam Neeson by presenting him with an autographed copy of her group’s latest album Why So Lonely.

Watch the full interview and see Liam Neeson’s version of TWICE’s “Shy Shy Shy” below:


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