Jang Jae In releases music video for “My Satellite”

Vocalist Jang Jae In released the music video for the beautiful French folk song “My Satellite” on June 3rd after various teasers.

As the music video showcased a busy freeway, lyrics from the song appeared on the screen while the vocalist’s soothing voice was heard in the background. The sweet track “compares the relationship of a guy and a girl to two satellites revolving around each other.

“My Satellite” is a pre-release track from her upcoming album, which will be her first album in three years. During the three years, she has been fighting an illness as well as has released “Auditory Hallucination” from MBC’s Kill Me, Heal Me soundtrack.

Meanwhile, Jung Jae In released her first mini-album Day Breaker in 2011 which consists of five tracks.

Check out “My Satellite” here: