Lee Kwang Soo’s fans intrude the stage at production press conference in China

Actor and entertainer Lee Kwang Soo has once again solidified his status as the “Prince of Asia.”

In a recent press conference in China, his mere presence resulted in droves of elated fans to storm the stage, desperate for a chance to see him up close.

In collaboration with CJ E&M and Hubei Satellite TV, Lee Kwang Soo has been confirmed to be appearing in the upcoming new season of Chinese reality program If You Love (Ru Guo Ai) last month. Just ahead of its pilot episode, the reality program If You Love held their first production press conference on June 11th in China.

Lee Kwang Soo was the last to go up on stage and was dressed in a chic suit for the event. Many local fans and reporters welcomed him with applause and questions respectively. In particular, they cheered loudly when he briefly introduced himself in Chinese.

Reportedly, while he stood by the end of the stage after the interview, a flock of fans intruded the reporter line and stormed onto the stage. Fortunately, no one was hurt with secured bodyguards protecting the area.

Meanwhile, in the show’s first season last year, miss A‘s Fei and 2PM‘s Chansung were coupled with other celebrities while 2PM’s Nichkhun also made an appearance as a special guest.

The new season begins airing July 2nd on Thursdays at 9:15pm CST.

Source: Starin edaily