MAMAMOO goes the non-traditional route and gets close and personal with fans during #1 encore on Music Bank

MAMAMOO is on a roll as they grab their 4th music show trophy on the latest broadcast of Music Bank

Aired on March 11th, MAMAMOO went up against Taemin‘s “Press Your Number” once again, winning with 7,370 points over 5,562 points. Ecstatic with joy, the girl group gave their thank you speech, saying, “To the CEO, CEO Kim Doo Hoon, and to MooMoo(fanclub name), thank you. To be a #1 candidate alongside Taemin sunbaenim is an honor. In addition, to win this #1 trophy is an honor.”

As they prepared for their encore stage, Hwasa was spotted walking over to Taemin and giving her bouquet of flower to him, marked as an adorable action by fans. As per norm, the remaining artists walked off the stage while MAMAMOO kicked off their encore performance. However, going completely nontraditional, MAMAMOO walked off the stage and into the aisle, singing to their fans in the audience.

They further thanked their fans on Facebook, writing, “MooMoo-!!!! Thank you❤. Today’s stylist by. MooMoo’s 첫번째 의상으로. This #1 has made it an eve better day!! MooMoo is the best ?.”

Performers for the night included Taemin, MAMAMOO, B.A.P, Rainbow, G-Friend, IMFACT, Jung Joon Young, Ladies’ Code, AOA Cream, Cosmic Girls, ASTRO, Big Brain, SNUPER, FIESTAR, KNK, Yuju x Sunyoul, CLC, V.O.S, Jo Jung Min, JJCC, KIXS, and 4TEN.

G-Friend – Rough

CLC – High Heels

Rainbow – Whoo

4TEN – Severely

B.A.P – Feel So Good

Jung Joon Young- Sympathy

V.O.S – Stay Together

Rainbow – Whoo

Cosmic Girls – Mo Mo Mo


KNK – Knock

Big Brain – No-Yes

IMFACT – Lollipop

Jo Jung Min – Superman

JJCC – ToDay

Source: Sports Seoul