MONSTA X releases beagle dance practice version of “Trespass”

After releasing the music video for “Trespass,” super rookie group MONSTA X released the beagle version of their dance practice video for the hit track on June 13th.

Throughout the video, the member’s charming and energetic aura shined as they were filled with smiles and laughter, while enjoying their dance practice session. In addition to their charming characteristics, MONSTA X truly showcased their talents in dancing as they revealed their powerful choreography.

Prior to releasing the full-length beagle version of their dance practice, Starship Entertainment released a comparing dance practice video which compared MONSTA X’s original choreography to the beagle version of the dance.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X debuted with the track “Trespass” on May 14th as well as released their mini-album which consists of the tracks “Trespass,” “No Exit,” “One Love,” “Honestly,” “Steal Your Heart,” “Blue Moon,” and “Interstellar.”