N.Flying looks “Awesome” in debut MV ft. AOA’s Seolhyun

FNC Entertainment has officially fulfilled the “N” to accompany the “F” (FTISLAND) and the “C” (CNBLUE) with N.Flying’s official Korean debut, featuring their title track “Awesome.”

N.Flying, whose Japanese debut in 2013 has left a fandom patiently waiting for their official Korean debut, has finally stepped into the limelight, following the footsteps of their senior labelmates FTISLAND and CNBLUE along the pathway of rock.

“Awesome” features a new fusion rock genre that has affectionately been nicknamed rap rock, which FNC Entertainment has referred to as “the combination of punk rock and hip hop.” This fusion is established right off the bat as soon as vocalist and rapper Seung Hyub starts to rap along to a lone piano melody that is very quickly accompanied by an electric guitar and drums. The appearance of labelmate AOA’s Seolhyun as the drive-thru cashier adds spice to the music video, while the boys rock out in their futuristic box-like stage.

N.Flying consists of five members: leader, rapper and vocalist Seung Hyub who released a rap duet with AOA’s Jimin under the alias J.Don, Kwang Jin as the bassist, Cha Hun as the guitarist, Jae Hyun as the drummer who has previously gained attention for being the younger brother of Rainbow’s Jaekyung, and the virtual N.Fie System.

Check out the band’s debut music video here:

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