Parang Jamong serenades a cat in MV teaser for “I Love You”

In anticipation for the release of their upcoming music video for new song “I Love You,” Parang Jamong released a short video teaser featuring a lovely cat.

The teaser video shows that love can be more than just between two people – it can also be between a pet and its owner. As music plays slowly and quietly in the background, the video’s main character can be seen playing with and admiring his cat, who is orange with light stripes.

The 27-second long teaser ends with the band’s singer singing a short portion of the song, revealing that it will be a ballad. In the last few seconds of the clip, the other members of Parang Jamong can also be seen wearing furry costumes and headbands that resemble a cat, adding an interesting twist to their song concept.

Make sure to check out the cute teaser for Parang Jamong’s “I Love You” below: