Red Velvet’s Joy Collapses On Stage Mid-Performance At Recent Performance

Red Velvet member Joy had fans worried for her after she seemingly collapsed mid-performance on stage at a recent music festival event.

During one of their sets on May 26th in which they sang their debut track “Happiness,” the performance, which has been modified for five people instead of four, seemed to continue without a hitch. Three minutes into the song, Joy suddenly clutched her head before falling to the floor, looking dazed. All of the members showed extreme concern for Joy with Yeri and Irene helping her up.

Nevertheless, Joy continued the performance like a true professional as she recovered in a matter of seconds and took her appropriate place in the choreography to continue, completing the stage without any more problems.

The video has since gone viral with over 273,000 views on Facebook and 152,000 views and counting on YouTube in over a day. Many fans took to social media to express their concern over Joy’s health as many idols collapsing on stage comes from a result of insufficient rest.

However, this time around, it seems that the situation laid in Joy’s earpiece as it electrocuted her mid-performance with some fans claiming to have seen the sparks coming from her ear.

Source: Dispatch

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