Roy Kim wins #1 on M! Countdown and shows bare face, UNIQ debuts

Roy Kim won first place with his track, “Home”, on M! Countdown, and as a man of his words, he kept his promise to show his bare face during the broadcast while UNIQ performed their debut stage with their title track “Falling in Love”.

 Roy Kim had previously promised to show his bare face if he were to win #1 on a music show, so when he did on M! Countdown, others came prepared with makeup remover and wipes to make sure he was true to his word. Touched that he had won first place, Roy Kim stated, “Thanks for everyone who trusted in me, including fans, staff, and everyone else. I am so thankful.  I will try my best to be a long-running singer.”

When YG came forward with this new boy band in partnership with YueHua, fans had been anticipating the type of stage that UNIQ would bring. Their ballad-pop track, “Falling in Love”, which features some Mandopop influence, will be released along with a music video on October 20th! This 5-member boy band has 3 Chinese members and 2 Korean members, one of whom is fluent in both Chinese and Korean. UNIQ will be promoting in both South Korea and China as their track will be released in both countries simultaneously. The group had previously released video teasers for the track as well as individual teasers and jacket photos.

Are you touched by Roy Kim’s words? What do you think about YG’s new rookie group?

Source: Osen

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