SEVENTEEN debuts with the MV for “Adore U”

Rookie boy group SEVENTEEN finally made their debut as they released the music video for “Adore U” on May 29th.

The 13-member group truly showcased their talents as the music video revealed not only their vocals but their talents in dancing as well. Throughout the music video, SEVENTEEN was seen in multiple setting from a boxing ring to an electronic and outer space concept.

“Adore U” is an upbeat and funky love song that sing lyrics like, “What I’m saying is I want to know you all, I sing about you.” In addition to releasing the music video for “Adore U,” the rookie group released their 1st-mini album 17 CARATwhich includes the tracks “Shinning Diamond,” “Adore U,” “Ah Yeah,” “Jam Jam,” and “20.”

SEVENTEEN debuted under Pledis Entertainment and is the first boy group to debut under the agency since the debut of NU’EST in 2012.

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