“Show Me The Money 4” competitor rips on the show’s auditions

A video filmed during the auditions for the upcoming season of Show Me The Money 4 has garnered many comments from viewers.

The video showcases an unnamed competitor who goes on a long rant regarding the competition’s audition format. While in the waiting area along with other auditioners, it seems that he suddenly stands up and begins to share his dissatisfaction at the show.

He calls out WINNER’s Song Mino particularly, continuing that only idols and popular rappers with connections are able to pass the auditions. He then grabs an idol on the side who is labeled “an idol with no connections” to further drive his point home.

While many auditioners on the side can be seen laughing in response to this man’s talk, netizens did not seem so keen to buy into the video.

1. “Guys….notice the mnet logo. It’s SMTM basically creating their own controversies/hype.

2. “I feel like they learned from Unpretty Rapstar that making everyone hate the show producers but invested in the contestants is actually great for ratings

3. “So, I know someone who went to this audition, and it was rough. He got there early in the morning and his audition number was in the 1000s. He waited for about 24 hours before he could audition. He didn’t do well on the audition because well, he was awake for 24 hours and messed up his rap. But there was Mino with his manager with a tent set up so he could relax and rest. The guy I knew admitted thag he was under prepared for the audition but still.”

4. “If you coop up people for so many hours you’re bound to capture a rant like this. Mnet’s shameless in its production practices, manufactured drama, and shit-stirring editing. Even releasing this video, wow, Mnet.

Joiningg the chorus of “who is the idol without connections” that was praised?? I can see his face near the end but barely and I don’t recognize him.

Check it out here:

SMTM4 Idols Diss 发布人 khiphop

Source: Reddit