SISTAR releases intense preview clip of “Shake It” ft. chef Choi Hyun Seok

With just days to go before their comeback date, girl group SISTAR released a special clip for fans in anticipation for the release. 

The video, which runs for a little over a minute, starts off seriously as chef Choi Hyun Seok carefully prepares a pair of steaks. Upon diverting his eyes from his food and onto the screen as SISTAR appears, however, his foods begins to overcook and he even cuts his hand while staring at their performance.

Suddenly, the four members of the Starship Entertainment group magically appear in his kitchen, and they all dance along to a short part of the group’s upcoming title track “Shake It.” Before the video ends, the group reveals a little more of the track. SISTAR is set to release “Shake It” on June 22nd.

Make sure to check out the hilarious special clip below: