TimeZ releases MV for comeback track “Awaken”

After TimeZ released the music video teaser for “Awaken,” the six-member group released the full-length music video on June 11th.

As the music video first showcased individual shots of the members, fans got a glimpse of their choreography and the story line. Throughout the music video, the members of TimeZ appeared as spies while Skarf”s Tasha was featured as the female lead, playing the role of what looks to be the criminal.

“Awaken” is the group’s newest single which is about “finding one’s path again after giving up on his dream,” said CJ E&M Entertainment.

TimeZ is a Chinese-Korean group which consists of four Chinese members and two Korean members. They debuted in 2012 and were formed by CJ E&M Entertainment and China’s Super Jet Entertainment.

Meanwhile, TimeZ released the music video for “Time” in January 2014.