VIXX releases highlight medley for album “Chained Up”

As the date of VIXX‘s comeback is approaching, the group has raised more anticipation for their comeback with the release of their highlight medley for Chained Up.

On November 8th, VIXX gave fans a chance to listen to short snippets of their news song for the 2nd album Chained Up. T

he highlight medley featured short previews from a total of 10 new tracks. Member Ravi also took part in writing lyrics for majority of the songs in the upcoming album. The comeback album will feature the songs “Mistress,” title track “Chained Up,” “MAZE,” “Stop It Girl, “Hot Enough,” “Spider,” “Out of Sorts,” “Heaven,” “Now Us,” “Can’t Say,” and their previously released tracks “Eternity” and “ERROR.”

With their impending comeback ahead of them, VIXX has already unveiled group and individual teaser photos as well as a pre-teaser video and official teaser for “Chained Up.” Ahead of their return, the choreography for “Chained Up” was revealed, showcasing the members dancing in white suits with their bare chests visible.

VIXX will be releasing their album Chained Up on November 10th.